Why Choose Tyler Denture Pros

Tyler Denture Pros is the private Dental Office of Dr. Arthur Paddock. He graduated from UT Dental School, Houston Texas in 1983 and did his undergraduate work in Denton at North Texas State University. He was born and raised in Texas.

Tyler Denture Pros offers a full set of immediate dentures for as little as $495. Immediate dentures are ready to be placed at the extraction appointment, so you never go without any teeth! Tyler Denture Pros offers free X-rays and a free consultation for first time patients. We can even do most needed extractions right here in our office.

We are a private office with a small staff which keeps costs low. There is no big corporation to feed. We pass our low overhead on to you, the patient with ultra-low fees with a high quality final product.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee within the first year of denture delivery.

Insurance & Financing

We work with most PPO dental insurance companies

Financing is all done through Care Credit and Lending Club with approced credit. We do not offer in-office financing. Both Care Credit and Lending Club are Medical Credit Cards, which require credit approval. Often these companies offer up to 12 months interest free financing. Financing for a longer term can reduce your monthly payments, therefore making your dental work more affordable. With the longer terms, there is often interest charged by Care Credit or Lending Club.

Dr. Arthur Paddock

Dr. Arthur Paddock

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